My cough is nearly gone now.

Was at work today, and to my contentment, my cough is nearly gone. I cough maybe once every 2 hours now, and it is usually a little grunting that may go on. Maybe I am getting ready for moose season. The Antibiotics helped, within two days. It is all it took, for to get me to cough less from every 5 minutes to once every hour back then. I am glad, hopefully I can get back into some kind of exercising again. I do not want to go too hard, due to the fact that my cough kept me from training for a month or more.

Besides that, Twitter has helped me attain 419 followers. I do not know if I will learn much more about it than what I do now. You can talk to channels, and in channels as well long as you put the # mark ahead of where you are going. There are probably thousands of channels, and I do not know how to attract thousands of followers in a day, like some people who got the knack. If you can get into the window where they have selected followers, they do advertise for some. You have to contact a twitter representative, and see if you can get into that window that showcases your profile box to thousands of people at a time. I did not try that avenue yet. Hard to believe you can get that many followers in a day.

Not sure what effect it will have on book sales. I am somewhat in the thinking that, for every 100 that follows you on twitter, maybe 2 may buy your book. Some people say it takes a thousand followers for one book in some instances. Maybe my stats are thoughtfully wrong, but I am not being optimistic just yet. It will take a few months to figure things out. I need publicity, for my book. But, my book, as I was told by my relatives and in laws, was high quality and very interesting. Some friends laugh at me, when mentioning the book. It must be funny or my hair is sticking up like a rooster. No reviews yet, but I am hoping that someone on Goodreads (5 people bought it and opted to review it) will get to it sometime real soon. Just that they have 100s of books ahead of it, well some of them. I think it is allot of work, as a tweet may garner the attention of 15 ? people at a time, if the tweets are going fast on a page. Like in the Hunger Games channel, my tweet would be down at the bottom faster than I could link up with it to see the post. I do not believe many people see the tweets there. Maybe it depends how effective the message gets across. Very interesting indeed.

The winds were very high today, on the Acadian Peninsula. So high, that a big bulk cargo ship could not dock at one of our local ports here. The wind is cold, and we are back in the frigid temperatures, as old man winter is going out like a lion.

Not much else to report today. I hope you all have a good evening, or morning, where ever you are tuning in from. Till next time...


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