My book is not offered in Kobo format.

Who was to know. I assumed, wrong. That, my book was in all formats for the E Readers. One of my relatives asked the question; is your book on Kobo? I replied, it must be. To back up my claims, I went to the Kobo site. There, I typed in many of my different search words for The Supermarket Guy. Some sites offer it with a break in the Super Market. I could not find my version on Kobo.

In calling Dog Ear, their representative said they only offer it in Kindle, Nook, and I Book formats. That is it. Allot of my friends have the Kobo, so this came to me as a mild surprise. I am sure some computer wizards out there can change the format, if they really wanted to view it on the old Kobo. But, it is probably a few who can do this. I payed 150 dollars for the three formats, on top of my book publishing fees.

A person at work, commended me for writing a book. Allot of authors get commendations, especially the true famous ones. Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Pierre Burton. Personally, I do not think of it as anything great. I believe many people can write a story and publish it today. Allot of people commended me at work, actually. As mentioned before, if you got the time and resources, and maybe even a ghost writer, allot of people can write a book. But I do believe it takes some patience, a wild imagination at times, and no mental blockages.

Besides that, no other news on the book front. I did not get my Part 2 back to check out the first proof. They will e mail me when they do, with a stark warning: Read over the material, carefully, and ensure there are no mistakes in the main body, done by us or skipped in the editing. If it is done by them, no charge. If it is done by myself, then they may charge me depending on how many I find. Now it is all up to me. Have a good evening, till next time.


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