The last weekend for snow shoeing.

It maybe the last weekend for snowshoeing in Northern New Brunswick. It will be plus 10 tomorrow, then plus 15 C tomorrow. The snow will take a beating, as I would not trust the rivers or lakes to cross at this moment in time. Ski doos will be hitting the trails in the last hopes of getting in that last drive, through the many thousand km's of groomed trails throughout the Northern part of the province.

While eating at the Atlantic Host in Bathurst on the weekend, we seen the Ski Doo transport, with all the logos on it in the parking lot. There, they had brand new machines for people to check out. They are some beautiful, and fast. But why would you want to go fast, when you have an incredible view of white gold and some beautiful trails surrounded by trees. A typical ski doo, brand new, may cost starting from 12000. Then the suit, helmet, and trail pass. 1000 dollars maybe for a ski doo suit and helmet, and trail pass at 200 dollars. Then there is registration, and insurance for your machine. It is a fun sport, and maybe if things go well, in the future I may buy a Ski doo. You can rent them in some areas, for 300 dollars approx.  for a day rental and you can rent a suit and a helmet for 35 dollars in some areas.

For now, I will stick to the cross country skiing and downhill skiing. I may have a chance to go out this week, if there is any snow left. Have a good evening, till next time..


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