Income tax and the Government.

We all pay our share of income taxes in some form or another, no matter where we live in the world. Here in Canada, the income tax rate is progressive, starts at 15 % approx for less than 41 thousand, 22 % mid bracket range, then 26 % high bracket range, then 29 % for over 128 thousand approx. Then afer multiplying your income by that, there are all lower amounts to add to try to help the tax burden. This is the federal tax calculation, minus any pension contributions, donations, multiply by 15 %. You then do your Provincial tax rates, a little lower but starting at 9.1 %. You hope your non refundable credits give enough boost to subtract from this, and that the tax you payed in all year will go over what the feds and province take in. If you have children, then University alone is a shock when the bills are added up.

I already know, that at work, I make half of what I make. This means if I am paid 22 dollars an hour, I actually make 12 or so clear. This is due to the unemployment insurance, pension, and tax deductions. Then we are taxed when we buy certain goods, at 13 % in some provinces when we hit the registers.

Then, there is the property tax, which there is no way out of. You have to pay it, and there are no reductions unless the value of your property goes down. Here, we average from 600 to 4000 property tax for homes in municipal areas. Then again, that 4000 number can go sky high if you own a house like Oprah Winfrey. Then take into consideration all of the fees we pay for vehicle registry, using our parks, and other recreational licenses like fishing.

Where does the money go?

When a person living in Canada finally figures it out, we are paying out allot of taxes. The Hst, which is placed on goods and services we buy at the cash register, was exposed to go for debt reduction. Yet, in the past few years the Conservative Government raised the debt again. Due, to the financial problems of the stock market.

They then announced a multi billion dollar frigate construction program, and then the purchase of a multi billion dollar F 35. Do not get me wrong, I know we need this for our military, but I question the amount needed and the amount spent.

As a citizen, we wonder again, where does the money go. When I see political parties wanting to create new programs, I want to steer clear of them. We have enough problems with the programs we are already running. Health care, for example, is usually always close to the red line, and takes up most of the government dole. Yet if it was not covered, we would be paying 20 000 dollars for an appendix removal. Even when insured like our good cousins to the south, they do have to pay allot. Insurance is expensive and only covers so much. Do not get me wrong, I like our health care system. That is one thing I am willing to pay for. If everyone pays in, it should be less than the cost of insurance plans. We see even the thoughts of doing this with insurance premiums, with the government maybe making money on this system. But, not many areas of the world do this yet.

The conservatives, who are in power now, are surprising spenders. They put us back in the red. I wonder if there is any party out there, who can haul us out again. The Liberals did take us out in the 90s and put us back in the black by putting on the GST (the Conservatives started it but the Liberals left it on for debt reduction), but now we see this is still on and when will it ever come off. Also, during those nineties, the economy was steam rolling away with the U.S. Economy. The economy in the 2000s was not like the 90s.

It is time for citizens to ask, why do you need this mega project now? Why do you need to make more roads when the population is declining in a certain area. Why are you spending our tax dollars on studies and enterprises that do not stay in certain areas that long. Ask your politicians, today.

Enough about my rant about taxation. We are all taxed too much in Canada. This is obvious. I have 8 more friends on twitter today. My book, is resting fine, as no news is reported as late. I hope you all have a tax free day. Till next time.


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