Headed to work today.

Headed to work today. It is exposed to be mild in Northern N.B. today, around plus 8. My cough that I had bad a week and a half ago has disappeared somewhat, now that I am only coughing once every half hour or so. I will take the puffers with me to work, just in case I take a hack attack. My Bronchitis/ Asthma is starting to fade away for another year.

My Relatives said I should take the flue shot every year. I did take it for the H1N1 virus awhile back, and I was in no rush to get it either. I waited till the very last minute to get it. I am not sure if it would help, as I get the cough every year or two. Maybe it would. But, when I sweat, and get into the cold after, then I start to cough. This time, I did not cough up much mucus, as the doctors said the congestion was not much in my lungs. It is even strange how a tickle in the throat, could make me cough allot at times. It is a strange thing indeed.

Well, time to go to work, approximately 6 weeks till the release of Part 2 of the Rise of the Market Overlord. In 2 weeks or a little more, I should be receiving the first proof... Have a good day, till next time.


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