Government is laying off 30000 public workers.

Our government in Canada here is laying off 30000 employees, as reported by the CBC. This does not come as much as a surprise, as they probably make the effort to try to reduce government spending. Of course, for the first few years, the benefit will not be much. As having to pay severance packages (Up to 90 weeks for some), pensions for those who wish to retire (Some with no penalty), does not shave off much money in the first few years are they are still paying out the doll.

The only thing that I worry about, is service. Many people that I know, when applying online or over the phone for EI benefits for instance, get caught up into problems. Unable to get it remedied over the phone or internet, they go to the local office. There, you even get some people who are unsure of how to handle some cases. Lets take maternity leave, for instance. As you lose more experienced workers, who retire, you are hoping and relying on the younger workers who have to take up the slack. Service at times suffers, and it frustrates people all the way around.

Of course, the internet and phone systems are designed to cut out people in offices. And, the best of it, you work to do the work for yourself, by punching in all of the information. Great system for the government, or even the banks. But if you get into a rare case scenario, or something outside of the push button realm of press this for that situation (And they never think of everything), then you have to try to get a human to talk to. And, the humans are busy, do to cutbacks.

Well, that is the way the system works. It took me 2 days to reach a tax assessor. Good thing that it was not an important service. But, it made me call a few times, made work for me to try to get something straightened out. A mistake on their end. But, as said, we see this happen allot all over many areas. Cutbacks, bank closures in rural areas where they cannot make money like they used to (Fair enough), but yet they still make billions of dollars nearly every quarter. Money, not people, is the driving underlying force of the 21 st century. Service takes a back seat. Lets get on for the rocky ride.

Besides that, I have 192 followers on twitter. It is a process of 5 a day, without even asking anyone to join. Very interesting indeed. Have a good day, I will be back later on. Till then.


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