Dropped in unexpectedly in Moncton

Drove to Moncton NB, which is around a 2 and a half hour drive from where I live on the North Shore. Went into Chapters Indigo, and asked a few sales reps where my book was located. It was an unannounced drop by. I gave them an idea I would be down by phone, but not when. One of the sales lady said the book is probably in the front where the cash is. She did not have a clue about my book or its name, and with so many books there who could blame her. Right in the front. I know of the location, and I never found it was that great of a location. Then, the regional manager (Not sure of his title but he deals with consignments) came around and I recognized him when we met 3 to 4 weeks ago. The sales lady said, there is the man who can help you. I replied that I remembered him.

I then asked, so the books are out in front there near the cash. He said, oh, they are back here just a sec. He went back to his side offices, to retrieve the books. I thought at least, one of them should be at the front at the very instant I went in. Near the cash.

Then he come out with the box of ten books. He then asked for the consignment sheet, and he gave me a copy. He said with the e mail I sent him, he had got them ready already in the box in the back. The thing is, I never sent him an e mail. I phoned a lady that I maybe in for them sometime this week, but did not give the date. I was hoping they would be kind enough to leave them out in the front until I arrived, as it was not even a month past the date yet when they would toss them. After a month if they do not sell, they toss.

I am thinking, that they were never put out on display. I am pondering, that they were forgotten in the back, in the same box that I delivered them in. It did look like the same box he came out with from the back, as well. What can you do? The consignment thing can be a pain, in the butt. Nothing can be done. At least I know my book did probably have no chance at all at being sold, if they were still in the back storage office. I should have stayed there until he placed them on the shelf for me to see, where it would be on my first arrival there. But, at the time I was there he looked busy. My mistake, and I have no time to deal with the consignment business anymore. Frustrating. Just locally, it can be done if you can reach the store in no time. Moncton is just too far away, and that was my only chance at seeing how well they would do in a big chain store. Well, I hope you have a good night.. Till then...


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