A dog will gaffle down just about anything!

My dog went outside the other day, shuffling around in the snow. She seems to like to rub her sides up against it, which is quite unusual for any mammal to do. Does she get cold? Does she get a brain freeze, like most of us do when eating ice cream way too fast? She just rolls and rolls, in the snow.

Then she went up a little ways, and dug a hole through the snow crust. Kept on digging, until she pawed something from underneath and started chewing. By the time we got to her, and tried to pull it out, it was too late. The crunch crunch had faded as we reached to try to pry it from her jaws. She had swallowed, something.

As a pet owner, you always try to do what is best for your pet. She is a well fed dog, and all. If a turkey would drop from the kitchen table, we are sure she would eat until she could not move. Then, try to hide it somewheres. This morning, the dog is fine. But, you always worry, that just maybe your pet may become sick from picking up a scrap from outside. People sometimes toss stuff, here and there also. A chicken bone, my parents would say, would always be bad for dogs. They could choke on it as it splinters. Quite understandable not to feed them any of that. But, our pooch is fine. Thank goodness. We cannot keep a short leash on her forever, and you cannot watch the dogs steps totally every where she goes. Animals.. What can you do.

On the twitter front, I know have 170 followers, and am following 200. I pretty much follow everyone who follows me. Have a good evening,  will be back laters... Till then..


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