Cough never really went away.

The cough has progressed from mild on Thursday, cough every hour, to now coughing every 5 minutes or more. The Puffers I took were symbicort and bricanyl. The first doctor gave me the first puffer, then 3 prednisone. I did feel a little better after a week, but then I started coughing like crazy again. The second doctor gave me 7 of the same pills, and then bricanyl. It seemed to go down after a week, but then once back at work, the cough came back strong again.

So, now I have to go to see a third doctor tomorrow. I am not looking forward to going back to the hospital, but I have to once again see why things are not progressing. The pill was to treat the inflammation, and the puffers were to open the airways (Bricanyl) and to reduce swelling of the lungs (Symbicort).  I drank herbal teas, drank orange juice to the hilt, made hot lemon ginger drinks, and nothing, works.

Some people mentioned to use a vaporizer. I seem to recall when I was young, that I did use the vaporizer, but the cough held on for a long time also. Antiboitics and cough syrup with codine used to do the trick, but now they do not like to give out antiboitics. This is understandable, as I heard tests done on animals prove a link to perhaps a worsening asthma condition when people get older. Interesting.

Well, Tomorrow, another gruelling wait and jot to the doctors office. I am coughing so much, that I do get headaches again. The side effects of the drugs, are many. Insomnia for one, and even a slight fever and other possible pains. That is usually the way drugs work. Try to kill something, but may produce something else. But, they are safe, as I used them for years. Just that I always found it took a long time to kill the cough.

I hope you all have a good night.. Till next time :) And, twitter, I got an extra 20 followers today. The best day, ever for that site.


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