Cough is starting to go away. Politician and Pensions.

With the antibiotics, it seemed no to take long. My cough now, in just taking 3 antibiotic pills, has been reduced to a cough every 2 hours. This is a cough that lingered for 3 weeks and a half. Many people that I talked to, had the cough for over a month. I am thankful to the big guy upstairs that their is still medication out there that can work against some stuff. We always hope that the pharmaceutical companies can keep ahead of these virus strains, and produce the drugs necessary to kill it dead in its tracks.

I still will not do very much until the cough is cleared completely. I needed to relax a bit, and clear my lungs. I do feel 80 % better. The doctor gave me a nasal spray, to clear my nose. I never used it yet. First time a doctor has ever prescribed me, a nasal spray. It may come in handy in the future, I guess.

It is plus 17 C in Northern New Brunswick today. Here, our MLAs after 8 years of service receive pensions. If they stay longer in office, they recieve approximately 65000 a year after 16 years of service. The current government reduced the payouts. Now, the retired MLAs are taking the government to court, over the matter. They say that they had plans, and made plans, thinking they would receive the amounts that were outlined to them in their statements before the cuts.

Good Politicians, we have to agree, are few and far between. Some are just there, to go with the party line. Some go through it all without doing anything at all for their constituents. Some are good. Some do care. A pension, for these guys, is hard for the ordinary citizen to stomach. It is hard to understand. I know that after a politician loses an election, allot of them do have a hard time finding work again. Due to their unpopularity, or the side that they took on certain issues, many cannot find work afterwords. This is the only reason, I personally support a pension plan for the Politicians. But, it should not be overly lucrative. It should be reasonable. It should be within the boundaries of  around 2000 approx. a month, and that is it. Personally, that is where I feel it should go. No greater pension than what our senior citizens receive from our Federal Government. Thats it. In Ottawa, the Pensions are even more richer than the Provinces. 2000 approx. dollars a month, tag it to what our seniors get.

Besides that, no news on the book front. It is all quiet in bookville. Till next time...


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