Cars that can drive themselves.

Last night on the CBC news, they were showing cars that can drive by themselves. A piece done by Paul Hunter. 15 years ago, while talking to co workers, I mentioned that someday this maybe the case. The co workers said I was talking foolish. I thought that they were thinking behind the times. Now, by 2020, we may not have any choice but to drive a car that can drive by itself. It showed a few models from Volvo on last nights show, driving by radar and following vehicles on a highway. Ford also showed its system of parallel parking, while you still had to push on the brake when going back into the space, change gears, then go forward to brake again.

The only thing that the article worried about, was what would it do to someones driving over time. With less practice at the wheel, would we become less of a driver. When the system does not work, would we be as ready to drive and take the wheel.  In the fog, it showed the cars during some testing could create accidents. It would be difficult to believe that these systems could work good in bad weather. Albeit, the system is coming and they say people will have it, ready or not. Will it really reduce accidents to 99.8 %. The industry thinks it will.

Besides that, I have now 210 friends on twitter. It is an advertising haven. But, how effective it is, is unknown to myself until another month or so goes by. I wish I would have been on twitter a year ago. I am just learning the ropes now, and have allot to learn. It is easier to get a brand awareness out there now, for my book. It is good for people who do not have deep pockets.  Have a good afternoon,  till next time...


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