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Brunswick Mines closing in 2013

The North Shore of New Brunswick has benefited greatly, from the Brunswick Mining Operation just a few miles away from Bathurst. With over 900 employees, full time, direct and indirect jobs lost, it will be a hard hit for the mining town. We have already seen 3 Pulp mills close in the north end of New Brunswick. This will be, particularly hard for businesses in the area. The mine has been in operation for around 50 years.

Everyone knows someone who worked or has worked in the mines. This mine was one of the largest in the world, zinc and lead ore body. The ore was transported to a local area smelter, where from there it was placed into a furnace where the lead would be processed. The smelter came with the mines. They do say, that once the mines close, the smelter will continue to operate. They will ship in more concentrate from overseas, as they already ship in 50 % approx of their ore from foreign countries now. We all hope it will continue to operate, as 500 jobs approx. are at this facility.

The Northern part of the province, was a totally resource driven economy. Paper prices, went down due to a combination of lower demand and less expensive products from other countries. Now with the mines, it is just the fact that they only have enough concentrate ore left to do till early 2013 approx.  This will be a shock for the region, in an already slowing, population declining area.  Our area is slowly becoming, if it is not already is, a grey population in majority. Seniors are keeping the economy going.

The only upside, in this story is that most of the 900 workers are close to retirement. The news report tells us that the mining company will make every effort to relocate their younger workers globally, if they do wish to do so.

We hope that governments can intervene, or that industry with manufacturing may come and invest in the north. Hopefully things can turn around. We have been waiting, a very long time for the upswing. An upswing that never came.

Besides my Book, no news yet.  The proof for Part 2 has not come through as completed yet. I want to wish you all a good afternoon, till next time.


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