Brief description of "The Rise of the Market Overlord", The Supermarket Guy Part II

This Novel is the sequel to the first part. The cover as shown to the side, has to do with a major battle between the main Character (Harold) and Jon Acadou.  The fire and smoke within the Supermarket, is really what is going on inside. A life and death struggle for survival. Will someone be able to put down his demon, or will it seep deep down with in and allow him to do the wrong thing. Thus, the reason for the dark clouds over the cover and the eyes peering through. It should be ready in 5 to 6 weeks.

Part 3 which is collecting dust, has to do with the main Character again being put into yet another higher situation of much greater importance.  To save the world. And, it does have a great twist through the novel, where the unexpected truly does happen. I cannot bark too much about it yet, as it is not in the production stages. Someone comes to his aid, where he thought no aid would be given, in a time of dire stress. I enjoyed writing Part 3 very much, but there is room for expansion if the need came through.

It was plus 12 C in Northern NB today. The snow has melted, creating small trickles of water and large puddles on the roads. Tomorrow will be a little warmer. Have a good night,  till next time.

It seems every novel that I did write, I could expand, on the third time around by 10 or 20 pages of material. This really put in much more quality into the book, as if I was a second person going through my own draft.


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