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Bought an LG Smart TV 42 inch

Bought a smart LG TV LED 42 inch a few days ago at WalMart. It was regular price 898 approx, and I got it for 648 approx. I was going to buy it around January, but the advice from the wife had paid off. Wait a bit, the prices will come down. I was worried, and replied, that if the new models come out by mid year then I will be paying maybe higher for that new tv.

But, it happened as the wife predicted. What do I know? It appears not much. So, when I seen the price drop, I asked the front cash if they had any in stock. He first replied, I think the unit on the wall is the last one. I was disappointed, as I wanted one straight out of the box. He rechecked, and voila, he had a few in stock. They then came out with one with a damaged carton. Right away, I asked if they had one in a box that was not damaged. The clerk replied that the styrofoam would protect the TV anyways. I was adamant, and wanted one from a box that was not opened or ripped. If a box is opened or ripped, they should give you a small discount, just in case.

So, they brought out another box, well packaged and not opened. This was great, as I purchased the TV. Now, with the smart TV, you can browse the internet on it, and connect the computer to it, thru Wi Fi if necessary. I am hoping, that the tv is actually, smart. I would rather it say, the long "lasting TV" than the smart TV. I hope, it is smart enough just to last over 5 years. The old picture tube technology was doing good at the end. So good, that my old picture tube is over 9 years old without any problems. Just the remote buttons were getting hard to punch. Time for a new one, I figured, as all my friends were bragging about the picture quality of the flat screen TVs.

Just that I have a hard time buying things that replaces things that actually works good, enough, for me. I know many people buy the latest gadget because of higher performance, but I am a bit on the stingy side. To save money, I wait. I did not really want to wait this long, but we were not in any rush to get a new TV. I know my friend bought a flat screen for 2000 dollars, maybe 3 years ago. This is when the prices were high. It depends, how badly you want it. And, it is good too, to get the great picture quality right away. Nothing wrong with that way of thinking, either. I waited, because my old JVC always gave me a good picture. I may still watch it in the basement. Who knows. But, if you are patient, prices usually fall on these items, once they are mass produced and been around the block way too many of a time.

The new technology will be out in a little while also. Alongside my tv that I bought at walmart, was the 47 inch 3D TV. I checked it out. It, looked fabulous as well. An LG Model. But, how badly do you want, 3D TV. This cat will wait for a few years, maybe 5, before buying one for sure. I am satisfied with what I got for now.. Have a good day, till technology brings out a new TV Format, till then :)


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