5 cm of snow this morning for Northern NB

Still snowing out this morning for Northern NB. 5 cm on the ground. March can produce some snow storms as well, as the groundhog did not see his shadow this year! I suspect a few more storms, but the rain may come at any time.

Today will talk with Dog Ear Publishing to see if they received all the files for to produce the book. They will send me two more drafts. I will read them over, looking for more errors. This time, they may bill me if I find errors, or wish to change anything in the body. 25 dollars to start corrections, and then 2 dollars after for each and every correction. That was the way it was last year. This year I will check to see today if it is the same, although they did waive the fees last year due to it being minor errors.

The draft I receive back is the book format, and it does take awhile for to get these drafts, so it seems. A week or so apart? I forget now. Unless they changed their systems.

Far as twitter is concerned, I now have 100 friends. Bill Cosbys nephew is a twitter friend of mine now. It is still debatable whether or not it is a good forum to get exposure on. This will be only known, in later weeks or months time. As for now, I keep chugging along.

The cough is now nearly gone, but I do cough every half hour to an hour instead of every minute. My last medication is tonight. I hope you have a great day,  till then..


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