379 followers on twitter. Beautiful sun out today. NDP Leadership.

It is sunny and warm today in Northern NB. As long as the wind does not stir up, like in the last two days, it will be nice weather. The birds of all sorts are back from the south. This morning a flock of them, were on the ground eating up whatever they could find, in between the last remaining snow drifts.

My twitter has 379 followers to date. This is without asking anyone to join. It was an experiment, to see how fast I could attain followers. I would get 10, sometimes 20 a day, sometimes 6 a day. I have John Mayer as a follower now, and I follow him back too. As well as 99 % of my followers, I follow back.

Last night, there was a NDP (New Democrat) convention on television. It lasted a day and a half, approximately. The vote went all through the day yesterday, as they did have 7 candidates at the start. In the end, it was between Thomas Mulcair and Brian Topp. Mr. Mulcair came out on top with 57 % of the vote. It makes for an interesting format, as you do not know whose supporters will go where, when they drop off of the ballot. I think this time, many of the ones that dropped off the ballot did not give any direction as to where they wanted the vote to go. Sometimes they do that when dropping out, but this time I cannot say they did, unless they did so secretly.

Mr. Mulcair was always the favorite to win. Mr. Topp was also the second place contender, right till the end. The only thing, with vote casts into the 10s of thousands, I did not like the idea of the pre cast vote. But, with the voting system the way it is, maybe they have to do it this way.

All I know is that the social democrats will be a strong force to be reckoned with. The Liberals no longer have a clear direction into which direction they are going, here in Canada. They had a strong convention, with more people than they ever had before. They had, great television time exposure, which will sink into the minds of Canadians forever more. Why would people vote Liberal now? When, the NDP policies are square on with the Liberals. What do the Liberals stand for, now? What are the differences between the two parties? I cannot say, and this can only help the NDP with a strong Mr. Mulcair, as they may scoop up all of the left and center vote. Mr. Mulcair said he was ready to touch the water towards the center of the party. Last night the Liberals were cast aside to the huge Convention that they did have. I was impressed. And, he is from Quebec. Could this help him to sweep the province, again. And, speaks french on a whim.

As far as the Conservatives are concerned, they better spend wisely. They better do what they say they will do, and keep out of scandal. The NDP, being in opposition, their moment is golden. They are there to criticize the government, and hold their feet to the fire. The only thing I fear, is that the conservatives will fight back with huge spending from the Government coffers. I hope not. We will be watching...

No news on the book, and not sure what effect twitter will have on it, yet. "The Supermarket Guy Part 2: Rise Of The Market Overlord" will soon be out, maybe in a month or month in a half.... Have a good day, till next time.


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