Part 3 of the Supermarket Guy?

I believed that a Part 3 would be impossible...  But now it is halfway there...  Yesterday,  an idea came to me by the grace of God.  Well,  of course, so far it is just the main idea.  There is then allot of work to do around the main idea.  But the main characters from Part 2 would have to re enter into part 3.  This makes it much more interesting.

I see that my book is still in the 4/5th from the top in Dog Ear Publishing ranks.  Not much change from Canada, the U.S.,  or England.  The Relevance ranking did not change much, as well.  Still very high.  Working night shift,  will have to sleep most of the day.  I usually get a good 5 to 6 hours of sleep,  and that is enough.  I do not feel drowsy on nights,  but usually there is one time in the night where you feel drowsy.  I do remember when nights were busy,  sometimes I would have a hard time keeping my eyes open on a dark road.  Over a long period of time,  the sleep bank gets less and less...  Till tomorrow...


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