30mm of rain today, for Northern NB, and midway thru the lobster season!

We need the rain.  Just hopefully we will have some summer, and not a full month of it.  They say the lobster catches are not too bad this year,  and the price is still 2 to 3 dollars lower than average per pound.  Another month and the season for lobster will close,  thus ending another lobster fishing season.

I sent my book out to a movie producer in California a week and a half ago.  Now,  four things could possibly happen here.  Can you think of a fifth?  One, he could just not like it, ( and I am open to criticism, nothing is perfect),  and toss it into the waste bin.  Second, he could use it to balance his uneven furniture in his house.  Thirdly, one of his workers could take it home,  without his even knowing, and take it for a good read.  Lastly,  he could like it,  and actually do something with it.

The fifth thing,  and I only though of this now while my sausages are cooking,  is that he could send it to a freind of his that does that certain kind of genre to produce it.  It is morning here as I speak,  as I sip on a mug of blueberry tea with a hint of honey in it.  The rain makes beautiful music of little patters on the roof,  as I watch the water deluge down the road at full speed,  thinking...  Always thinking...


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