Thundernose digs out a major culvert on a major US highway!

Mattpluck looked as Thundernose dug a 6 foot deep grave, where the welcome sign to the town of Wooselville once stood. The super dog then drug in grandpa, and began to kick dirt with his back paws over the sun burned body. Mattplucks grandpa always drove the tractor with his falsies out and just wearing his Bonanza belt and buckle. Only a few passerbys would ever stop and take photos at him, anyways...

Matpluck dried up his saliva from his mouth, after watching the old man finally go under to his resting place. "I guess I got the farm now, Thundernose! I sure need a fantastic dog to herd my sheep into the shearing barn, push the pigs into the bacon slicing hut, and to milk a cow or two!"

Thundernose then drug the welcome sign over the earth he had just tore up "Yeah, that sounds like a fantastic job! I hear you got allot of cats in your barn, I sure love feeding them a good bowl of coco puffs and live piranha fish in their fun bowls!"

Mattpluck then looked over at the chopped up pave from his grandfathers plow, from the back of his tractor. It had made a mess on the rarely traveled road. "That all sounds great! Your hired! But, I first need you to dig up that 70 foot by 30 foot diameter water pipe, that is connected just under the road here! Our old grain tower fell in the other day, due to a mistake in putting in heavy cow manure instead of the grain. Old grandpa did not have his glasses on, and we lost our old wooden grain silo. Well, without that silo, we will not be able to feed our hundred head of cattle, and our winter will be doomed!"

Thundernose replied with after a mighty bark, and some tail wagging "I will do it, but it got to be at night. This way here, we make sure no one will truly find us! Who would be driving through this community at 2 am in the morning? Only a depressed, deranged, or a mass murder would come through at that time"

Mattpluck petted Thundernose on the head "You are too smart for me to call you my pet, Thundernose! Can I call you my little ferret boy instead?"

To be continued....


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