Thundernose can smell trouble...

Grandpa was still driving around in circles until Mattpluck got up and realized that Thundernose had saved him. He hugged the dog, and petted him a great deal. Now, this was the thousandth time that Grandpa drove around in the same circular fashion.

Thundernose then seen the slow moving tractor pass by by the thousandth and one time, until he got up and drug Grandpa off of the slow moving machine to safety, to finally realize he was dead....

Mattpluck who was now in tears, looked Thundernose into the eyes, and said "Thundernose, how did you know that Grandpa was dead. I know he was not waving to me for the thousandth and one time, but usually that is quite normal. He looked focused for once in his life on his job of expanding his field into the paved # 1 USA highway that passes by here near our house! That darn plough in the back looks like it is stuck in a culvert pipe crossing main and pig street. Can you dig it up for us, fella? Can ya?"


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