Mattpluck makes the plea of his life! The Pledge!

The sheriff was just getting into his car now, as he radioed a local crew to put in a new pipe and to cement it in the massive culvert so this would never ever happen again.

Mattpluck ran out of the outhouse, and began yelling at Thundernose, the super dog "Darn it all, Thundernose! You take everything so to heart! I need you to help me build up this farm, but ever since you came here, you have been hauling it apart, rotting board by rotting board! All I ask of you, is to help me make this farm work! That is, until I can purchase that new fancy spring wound alarm clock, in case the local power supply gets knocked out! I cannot afford to sleep like Rip Van Winkle, any longer. We, or I, have to make this work to show the world that I can save grandpas farm from being overtaken by creditors, squatters, and those survival reality show guys! I will not let our thousand acre farm grow into a desert! America has to be fed! Do you understand, Minolita and Thundernose! Do you understand!"

After a mild pause and a wild stare into the sky, Minanolta rushed to place her hands around the short little man "I promise to do whatever it takes, even if we have to build underground caverns to grow our wheat and barley, so be it!"

Thundernose scratched his nose "Lets start planting some corn! If I pee on the seed, it may just grow overnight!"


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