Planting a garden requires great skill!

Sure, Mattpluck got on his grandfathers old tractor and began plowing his fields. The earth broke in two, exposing a beautiful, moist but darkened soil. Minolita clapped her hands, and chanted a cheer all the way down the near thousand foot drill. The only thing was, that his pace was nearly that of a snail.

Mattpluck held down on the clutch, and put the brutishly great museum piece at its maximum speed. Black smoke came out of its pipe, and is sputtered and chugged along at a new speed. Mattpluck fell asleep at the wheel. It was no matter, as Minolita still cheered him on. But quietly this time. His head wobbled and bobbled on the overly large steering wheel.

When he woke up from his 3 o'clock regular snooze, he realized he had only travelled 5 feet.

"Dang nag it all! Minolita, quickly! Get near the back of this old tractor, and start pushing like a real lady. We need to plant ourselves some legumes if we are going to save Christmas and the farm all in one, worldwide!"

Minolita got to the back of the tractor in between the chain connection to the plow, and started to push with all her might. "I bet you are going faster now, Mattpluck! I can feel it in my old hernia, as it is about to pop out again! Do you think if I fall, the plow may tear me into shreds!"

Mattpluck turned his head around down at the young lady, straining every muscle in her body, making the extreme effort to push the tractor forward for him "It is not working, I think we are actually going slower. You are just too slow, and the tractor is pulling you with it. No, the plow will not shred you into pieces, do not worry! The blades are dull. It may just bury you a few feet under the soil, thats all!"

She fell down head first in the dirt, as the plough blades would take an hour to reach her. Mattpluck threw a brick with a rope to stop the tractor. He got off and lifted her up, and took her over to a water trough for cows. He threw her in there, as he fumed at Thundernose, the super dog, who was only laying in the shade on his favorite summer hammock...

To be continued...


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