Universe Gladiators- Part 5 ( Sometimes, a hoola hoop may come in handy)

Mokei was now approaching his planet after being led there by his mighty space jets. Harold looked at the viewing screen, which depicted the planet as a large gob of hardened foam. He could see a dot, working away trying to break through its hard crust. Whoever it was, he was hardly making an impact.

"That dot down there, breaking through the foam at an excruciating slow rate. He must be a government worker on your planet, forced to work for to save his planet. Why, if i was down there, I could have broke free half of your planet by now!", as Harold let go a passage of gas.

Mokei smelled the sweet smelling fragrance "Wannapus, master, please, how did you know he was a teacher? My instructor! You are greatly wise. But please, do not cut the cheese when on this ship. Methane to us is like heroine, and it makes me think crazy. Why, I could put my nose up your...."

Harold pushed Mokei away "Alright, I get it. I will hold it in, until I can get a match to light her off. Just fly this thing close to your enemy! I want to stare the leader of the Foamers down, to make him feel the wrath of the Master!"

Mokei finally regained his consciousness "Very well, Wannapus, Master! I am very much afraid, but if I die, please cut the cheese so I can die a happy alien!"

Mokei pushed his space ship at light speed to get the planet of the Foamers. Was he placing to much confidence in his newfound earthling friend? Did he not realize, that he did not break the hoola hoop record yet!!!

To be continued....  In a Galaxy, where even a hoola hoop maybe be used to stop the foamers.


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