Universe Gladiators - Part 1 (Star Wars, Star Trek who???)

Captain Mokei, was flying his ship with his mind. He flew it with his mind forever, since he was a baby in his cyclonic diaper. It is a diaper that shoot out waste in a high velocity cyclone, into orbit, from his beautiful planet of Oblirigon. He was travelling at the speed of light, and heading towards the outskirts of the coffee bean galaxy. This galaxy was full of black holes, meteorites, and comets.

Much danger, but not enough for this war ready captain. He served in many intergalactic wars, against his dreaded foe, the Foam Throwers. The Foam Throwers had a spaceship in the shape of a great aerosol can, and would shoot out the foam beam as fast as a laser. The foam usually surrounded the ship, and made it as hard as a meteorite, making the ship useless. That was until Captain Mokeis ship was sprayed on, and he put space age high carbide metal on his super sonic can opener, did he chip his way out.  After many light years, he finally drilled the last bit off of his ship. He was now several light years old.

After getting the last piece of mysterious foam spray off of his stealth space ship, he entered the loading docks. As soon as the doors closed, oxygen entered and he took off his rubber compression suit and oxygen bulb. He was done for the day. Time to be a hero again. He headed towards his planet "flower grove" with the speed of light.

Unfortunately, when he got there, he seen that the planet had been covered in some sort of hardened goo. He became depressed, as he only seen his old intelligence tribal manager sitting on the goo near a pond of water, that the goo could not cover.

His professor seen his space ship arrive, just a little too late, as the fierce plasma stream roared to bring the ship next to his old mentor. His professor threw an old, lifeless, bionic turtle at his space marvel.  It just shattered against the vessel "You came a little too late, Mokei! Everyone has been solidified by the foam! Everyone! Thanks for only taking a few light years, to get back to the planet to save us! Some kind of hero, you are!"

To be continued, in a light year or so...


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