The Supermarket Guy 4 , over halfway done.

The Supermarket Guy 4, is nearly halfway done. It carries on from the same style of humor, as previously seen in Part 1, 2 and 3.

It will make for an exciting cliffhanger in the end, if I can make it that far.  The process is going well, but the body needs to carry it through to the end.

I had much difficulty earlier this afternoon, in keeping the flow going. The ideas were not coming in quite as fast as they usually do, but tonight, I patched and retorqued allot of the paragraphs, which caused the story to be highly entertaining and as zany as the rest.

Hopefully I can continue until the end, towards the cliffhanger. It will take some time, as the time is not there like it used to be for my writing... Also, the sales are not there either....

I will have to do this one on the cheap, if I can finish this one up... Maybe publish in the fall?  Just an E book version.. Probably yes..

Till next time


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