The real Supermarket Dominium in real life.

Supermarket Dominium. What does it mean? It means the race of the big grocers to dominate, control, supermarket supply. Be number one in the sales of the food that you bring home to consume.

An interesting development has taken place, in the last year or so in Canada. This has taken place in the United States probably for quite a while, as Wal Mart has been entering the grocery market. As well, they have taken my book on their internet shelves, to my gleeful content as well.

Could it just have been a coincidence, where the retailing giant has already captured approximately 30 % of Mexicos grocery market. I wonder what will happen to Loblaws, Sobeys, and the rest of the gang here in Canada.

First of all, I expect lower share prices for the above companies. And they are the only two companies that I mention here. Local co ops, and other mom and pop grocery stores, will see market shares go down as well.

Wal Mart. What a great time to invest into your shares, over the next 2 to 5 years. Supermarket Dominium has come.

For the other Grocery Megacenters out there, I predict ( I could be wrong) slightly stagnant or lower share prices.

Here is an article by Sylvain Charlebois from the Globe and Mail, that explains the seriousness and intensity of the affair of trying to gain the top shoppers rights here in Canada.

My feeling on the subject, is that Walmart will eventually dominate. Maybe, just maybe, be like Harold Wannapus, or maybe not, and the Bargain Way chain. And, become, achieve, Supermarket Dominium, in a location near you.


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