Universe Gladiators- Part 3. Wannapus is an alien???

Mokei landed his space ship on Harold Wannapus's back lawn. It was midnight, and it was a full moon. Harold was dreaming of doing the hoola hoop world record champion, and was just seconds from achieving the near 73 hours had gone bye, yet a bright light in the sky opened his eyelids wide.  "Damn!", he whispered loudly, "I nearly broke the record in my dreams! That meant that reality would soon follow in its footsteps!"  He got up slowly, as he did not want to wake his wife, Lucie Wannapus from her deep slumber. She had played scrabble in Chinese all night, against him who was cheating with a Chinese pictionary.

He ran out to his back yard, as Mokei walked down from the landing deck. Mokei said "I come in peace, Wannapus, and from a planet, many airmiles away!"  Harold looked confidently at the alien, who had 4 eyes and a long nose, 6 arms, and twenty toes "You got allot of toes. Have you come for my electric nail clipper. I had just invented it a few days ago, it must be the reason why you are here!"

Mokei laughed "Oh, you know about my hardened nails of steel, and how I have to bathe in a lava flow of liquid steel to cut them. You are wise, oh Master Wannapus!"

Harold laughed back "I knew I was special. I knew, my mother was half alien. I knew Morton Mumphy, in area 51 near Roswell, sold out our groceries in one day, to your special race, my friend. Now, what is it do you seek, star traveller?"

To be continued, at another star log date...


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