What happens after a series is completed?

"The Supermarket Guy" could go on forever. But, I only have the room for a Part 4, and a Part 5. If I am lucky enough to make it that far. It all depends on how successful Part 3 is, which is to be released this October sometime.

Then there is room for a book of the main characters funny poems. I was thinking then of writing about a type of strongman who lives on the street, when a mob enters in and tries to take over his block.

Then there was room for a personality of sorts. A main character who is all self centered, so to speak. Another humor book, waiting to be unleashed.

Then room for another book, about a lady who gives her husband a hard time over her passion or thinking in life.

That is 6 volumes of books, I could write. But, it all depends on how well Part 3 does... If sales are flat, then so is my pen. It is fine, as I will try to open up a business of sorts in another field... We can never stop moving, or dreaming, even if we fail..

Of course, "The Supermarket Guy" could go on, and on, and on. But you can only stretch that stuff out so far, I believe. If a writer gives his series many years of space, I think it can be done. More volumes can be written, but if it becomes saturated, then it is better to finish it off well before it goes completely sour..

Till next time..


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