Sales price of Part 3.

The sales price on Part 3. Once again, a bigger book, and more costly per unit to produce. I decided once again to give the retailer a 40 % cut in the retail price. My Part 2 pricing was originally at 14.95.  Part 1 was at around 13.99.  This one, I hope to achieve just a little over the 15.50 mark.

I will see when the e mail returns, what the slices will be. I will get the least, smallest slice of the whole pie, I can be quite honest about that. The smallest yet, out of the three books per % wise.

The e book, I will try to maintain at a price of around 3.99.. This is the price the publisher suggested to me this time, as with the last two books I placed the pricing both at that amount. If I could lower it more on their ends, I would. But, that is what the publishing company and Amazon wish to set it at. I could not go much below from where it stood. I wish I could offer a 2 dollar or 1 dollar book, but when you go through the avenue I went through, it is not in the cards..

So now I wait, to order some books.. To help fulfill the contest requirements that I had going just awhile ago and in the future...  Till next time...


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