Part 3 only a month away!

Part 3 is only a month away. I double emailed the publisher to follow up, to make sure they got the go ahead to run it through the presses.

I will probably start to finish off Part 4 in the next few months. I have been losing allot of good ideas throughout the time gone by, as I had no pad and pencil to mark these ideas down for the story. I hope to rekindle them all once I start writing again, maybe even tonight.

My website still has to be revamped, to include this book, with a little excerpt out of it as well. It probably will lead to another Google preview.

On the Dog Ear site, I had recieved 411 likes on my book. This is really great, yet I believe they are people that are just passing by and clicking on the like tag for maybe the Dog Ear site.. Or is it for my book? Did that many people read my Part 2 so far?  I do not believe so, unless there were allot of pirated copies going around. It all makes for an interesting chase on the internet... There was another pirated site I was on, where I did see my books likes to unlikes at a 75 % like value... But I cannot find that site on here, or anywhere, anymore... That too is very interesting...

It all makes for the question of doing an E book..  Maybe it can be copied, easily. But, yet the true copy can be scanned and copied at any rate. Very difficult for a starting writer to get ahead, if he is losing hundreds of sales per quarter...

Well, that is it for now... Anxiously awaiting Part 3... Till next time..


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