The guy who had two brains

Everyone in the little town of Genius clambered out of their houses and started hitting their musical triangles.

Braincell was back from his tour of duty on Mars, and he was bringing home lots of gifts from the far away planet for Christmas.

Braincell got up on a center staged podium in the middle of Genius ville. He got up to a microphone, which he grabbed and threw across the stage "Ladies and Gentlemen of Genius ville, I do not need a microphone. I brought home this special rock with a hole in it that I am talking through. It acts like a megaphone without any power source! Yes, I blow through it and it magnifies sound due to its sonic properties! I have allot of it in my super brainwave shuttle, and I will sell it to you for a special price of 20 dollars an ounce!"

Everyone applauded, and cheered, as Braincell continued to talk....

To be continued...  (Part 4 of the Supermarket Guy needs your help! Enlist in the 'Help Supermarket Guy' campaign today and be a real hero!)


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