Like what I write here? A writer for hire!

Do you got a humor company? Or just an author needing a little more humor to your story?

Well, I am available for a hundred dollars per hour. Now, within that hour you may get between a 11 by 8 page or perhaps 5 pages of humor per time frame. Oh, and as a plus I want a bag of M and M almonds and a case of beer.

The work cannot be guaranteed though. If not, I you do not have to pay me anything! If nothing registers within the first hour or so, or if your topic is off of my scope of ideas, then nothing is lost to you! So yep, there is no guarantees, but you never know.

Yep. Read through here, and see if you like my humor style. See if it would fit your project. Your whatever.

And, you just never know, maybe I could help your project rise to the occasion.

If you need help, contact me through the comments section in this link. I reititerate though, between a page or 5 per hour. 100 dollars per hour. There are no guarantees, if within the first hour I have nothing. or even midway through your project, you only pay me for the work that is done.

Bag of M and M almonds and a case of beer too boot...


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