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Thundernose finds two damsels in distress!

The little pink 1980s Lada had crashed into the huge crater, that Thundernose had dug with his super paws in order to get the huge steel pipe out.

Mattpluck asked "Is it an alien ship, Thundernose? Does this mean we may have to set up a Roswell sort of gift booth on this very highway?"

Thundernose ran down, and ripped off the bent passenger side door with his canine teeth "No Mattpluck, but bring one of your Roosters down here! We may get it to do some CPR on these cute but poor driving lovely ladies here!"

Mattpluck began his Rooster call "Buck, buck, buckock!"  Thundernose then barked "It is ok, they are alive. As he pulled a lady out of the large 50 foot deep crater in the middle of nowhere, but yet on a US interstate highway. She grabbed his tail, as he hauled her out to level ground again. Then, a small white poodle ran up to the side of the young lady as well.

Mattpluck rushed down to see if he could offer help to the lady "Do you need a bandage? I got a few horse bandages for groin injuries in the barn, they maybe able to cover half of your body up!"

She sighed "I am fine, just a little ditsy! Oh, but that is what they told me when I left New York City after my failing my pole swinging course just on the outskirts there!"

Mattpluck seen the woman push her face in her hands, as she started to sob "I had nothing, now I really got nothing... My beautiful Lada, given to me from Loanshark slave and loans rentals! I even lost that now! What will I do, where will I go, how will I live"

Her poodle began to bark fiercely in her arms. Thundernose howled at the moon.

The tough, gritty farmer answered "Why, now that grandpa is gone, someone has to shovel the shit and grow my tomato plants! Can you hoe a few thousand feet of potatoes in three hours? Can you use a fifty foot sledge to hammer in fence posts! If so, there is a home for yeah here!"

She got up, and rushed her hands around the young farmers waist "Thank you so much sir, I cannot thank you enough for giving me and my untrained poodle a home!"

TO be continued....


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