The law can always be persuaded if done respectfully!

Mattpluck got out a bucket from the barn, and began rushing back and forth from the outhouse to the burning house inferno. Toilet paper, water, and clumps of brown stuff splattered on the embers. The blaze became so intense, that finally he threw the bucket in the fire and began to mope on the ground.

He turned teary eyed, and looked at Thundernose with allot of disrespect. He was on his knees now "Of all the girls in Texas, I had to pick the one who was a great cook, but an absent minded one at that! And you, Thundernose, could have flew over the fire and blew it out with your super speed, creating wind gusts to blow it across to set the Sheriffs car on fire! But you just sit there and pretend you are a dog, No more treats for you, you..."

The whining nature of the sad discourse was broken by a high pitched yelp from Thundernose.

Minanola put her hand on his shoulder "I just wanted to say I will stay in the barn with you, way up there in the hay mow, and continue to cook hard boiled eggs, in much healthier duck oil, if need be!"

The Sheriff knelt down as well, with his back to the metal culvert turned into a grain silo "Taking waste from that there old outhouse, probably only intensified the flames. I used to run a diesel car on that stuff, but let it go when the smell of pig poop was creating reckless people driving on the # 1 US highway"

Finally Thundernose decided to do something quickly. While all their backs were turned to the silo, he rushed with his super dog speed to paint the flower of the state. He did it with some old paint cans left over from Mattplucks art class that he had failed, but it looked like they would be put to some good use now.

The state flower was drew out four times in a matter of seconds, as the super dog then panted and headed to the outhouse for a stagnant drink of water.

The Sheriff got up and said "Ok, boy, time for you to go to jail, just where you truly belong!"

Then, a throng of Chinese visitors stopped at the crater, and began to take photos of the beautiful flower. Then, thousands of visitors then stopped to take many pictures. The sheriff looked at the lovely state flower. He immediately got down on one knee, and put his hat over his heart.

"Well I will be danged! That is our lovely state flower! Look at all those admires out there. I never seen a flower drew better than the work done at cut and paste studios, right here in our downtown capital"

He got up and then took the cuffs off of Mattpluck "Son, a beautiful flower you put on the silo there just saved you from going to jail. I would say that a heavy rain, flooded and took away the culvert and the 100 tonnes of soil from that crater, over yonder! You go keep doing your dream, of dreaming of farming past 2 pm in the afternoon!"

Mattpluck hugged Minanola and stepped on Thundernose tail, as the Sheriff walked happily away. "Thanks for the help, finally, Thundernose!"

Thundernose lifted his tail rapidly, slamming Mattpluck head first into the dirty stained toilet in the grungy old outhouse "You better get me a beer and a treat, or I may just send your barn to the moon!"

To be continued....


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