The whole "Supermarket Guy" humor series could very well pass an important milestone!

The whole "The Supermarket Guy" humor series, could pass an important milestone with the creation of Part IV.

It could mean a thousand pages in print size, for the pocket sized book! It may fall just under, or just above the thousand page mark.

This is an achievement which I thought I would not reach, as the creation of Part 2 was a big question. Part 3 was an even bigger question, as the sale results from the two first books were dismal. Part 3 started late because of the poor starts on the first two, and now Part 4 is lagging behind approximately 6 months to a year from a year to year production date, due to low sales volumes.

This is probably why Part 4 has taken so long, and is indeed, behind schedule. Taking my time with this one, due to the poor attraction for the series (although the reviews have been 4.0 out of 5.0 for the whole series- from 43 reviews)

Part 4 will definitely be the last one, unless it performs very well. After this one, I may hang up my hat. It appears the kindle version is looking mighty promising, as it is the truest of the low cost options.

And when you do not sell any books, you need to keep the low cost option at the ready.

There were possibly a Part 5 in the works for this series,  and maybe a Part 6, but after that I may have run out of ideas for this series. But who knows?

Part 4 would have died in the dust, but an few ideas came out and about on to how to make it as humorous as any of the 3 previous books. This fortified my ability to race to the finish line, despite lackluster performance of the first three books, family commitments, and what not...

Well, there you have it in a nutshell. A thousand pages?  Can I make it to at least, that milestone?


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