Great progress on Part 4.

Today, I had some great progress on Part 4. The book is coming together better than expected, and could be possibly the best in the series.

It may rival the length in Part 3,  but not sure. It is bigger than Part 1 at this instant, and around the same size as Part 2. But, I am not finished this Part 4 yet, so it could be bigger than Part 2, or even Part 3.

I have still around 2 scenes to complete, but sometimes on scene can grow into a little more action, or humor in between, as what has happened today.

Then when editing the material, it should grow a little more again ( more descriptive writings, and putting in some things that I may have left out), usually calls for the main body to grow as well.

I am at around 52 000 words now. We will see how the rest goes.

Till next time.


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