Part 4's progress to date

Been sick again this weekend, terrible cough and sinus trouble. Seems to be better today, and yesterday I did not feel like writing at all, but I pushed myself towards the keyboard and began to type away. I thought I might be ruining the newly written text by writing when sick, but it all seemed to mend in the book very well.

I managed to write about 5 pages, and could have continued if the time permitted. I put in some key elements that were missing already in the main text, some linking material, scenes, and it seemed to flow very well.

What is left to do?  Approximately 5 to 6 scenes, but who knows. I always like to gauge where I am in near completion of a book, as the scenes are already in my head, now having just to put them on paper to finish the text.

This could take another 3 to 5 days of writing, depending on how busy I am with things around the house or family affairs.

Now, the other problem of finding the money to publish it. Still thinking of the kindle option, to keep costs low..

Till next time..


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