Another scene completed yesterday.

The ending was completed yesterday, of Part 4. It was an ending that drug on for awhile, but it added for 6 more pages of zaniness. What is left, is 3 scenes to a conflict scene, then I have to hop over and do the entrance scene to a fortress and finish up another conflict scene.

After that, what is needed to be done is to brush it all up. Spellcheck, reread for flow and see if the content matches up with events later on in the musings, perhaps expand some paragraphs, maybe take some out. It always usually leads to a longer text, when I perform these functions.

It is probably because I am not a descriptive writer as I should be, and I need to refocus more on the elements that make people see what is really going on in a certain area or situation. How much is needed, and when is too much is too much detail?  Then the humor element. Need to cut out the overly amount of cheesy material. Loved the scary movie series, but I am trying to keep it a little realistic. A little more than those series.

Part 4 is doing well, as I had less difficulty in writing this one as with Part 2 and Part 3. Although I was jumping around at the most fresh idea that come to mind ( hopping back and forth through the timeline of the book), most people probably write from the start right to the finish. Myself, I wrote at the front to start off, hopped to the late middle, then to the back, now headed for the 3 / 4 section to get things zipped up. If the ideas are fresh about a scene in the book, why not just throw yourself up in that direction and come back for the other sections later on?

And that is how it is done for me, this time. Hopefully I will have the time to finish this book soon, but the worst part is the editing, for myself, personally, I always never liked getting rid of commas, fixing punctuation, grammer, and yep, spelling. To use USA spelling or Canadian spelling?  Numbers written or numbers typed out. Need to remember the limit there... Alright..

To find the financial ability to produce this book in a quality, edited paperback. Probably not going to happen.

Till next time....


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