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Universe Gladiators- Part 4 ( Drinkin beer tonight so I might as well finish her off)

Mokei nearly cried "Our planet has been foamed, Wannapus! Foamed hardened, by the dreaded Foamers from the planet foam!"  Harold coughed in his hand for a minute "Yeah, right, sure... But keep calling me master, I do like that title. After all, I am number one in supermarket sales, the world over, yet again for the 10 th year straight!  Why should I care about you, Mokei, and your silly little story"

Mokei fell to his knees "Master, soon the foamers will come here, and foam your beautiful planet. You need to come with me, immediately, to show me the way you fight your evil nemesis, Acadou.. Otherwise, your sales maybe zilch when they foam your entire supermarket empire!!!"

Harold thought about this for a half second, and replied "Enough said! Like I need foam gel in my hair to look good, like that sickening Jon Acadou! Get me aboard your ship, and let me drive! I am a great driver, by the way!"

Mokei smiled, and realized he had found the key to his success "Oh yes, just use your mind to drive my space ship, oh wonderful, infallible wise one! Show me how to be a Gladiator, and help me save the Universe!"  Harold ran on board to the cockpit, and looked at the huge picturesque surrounding screen "My wife will never realize that I am gone. She thinks that I will be breaking the hoola hoop world record, on the top of Mount Everest again!!!"

Mokei then gave control to Harold, who flew the huge ship right through the moon!  The moon now had a large hole in the middle of it, forever more. The supermarket megalomaniac laughed "That was planned, Mokei!"  Mokei then took the mind control back from his newfound hero "I do not think so, Harold. You maybe able to fight like a hummingbird, but your driving sucks like a fireworks shot into a hay barn! Let me do this! I know the direction to my planet, anyways!"

Harold huffed "Alright, but you better get there before my favorite show starts on earth tv-  Booger collectors USA!"

To be continued,  from these mighty two leaders of freedom and liberty!


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Part 4 is free and available but in limited quantities!

Part 4 is free for now, and available in limited quanties ( 50 downloads per day),  500 per month...

At least I think I set it up that way... Here is the link to Bookfunnel.

I tried Goodreads Giveaway, but you had to be a member of KDP publishing on Amazon. Frustrating, but there is always another way to skin a cat.

I waited a long time for Goodreads to offer ebook giveaways to everybody, but that only included KDP authors from Amazon.

So, I had to take it to this route. And to give my book to many, to get the word out. Something an author has a hard time to do, to sink the flagship battleship!!! 

Oh well, hope there are some positives out of this... I hope... Download it for free, if you can get it in time before the downloads run out!

Have a supermarket kind of day...