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Universe Gladiator Part 6- The Final Battle to Glory!

Mokei then slowed down his ship. Alarms were going off like insanity. Warning alarms! Harold began dancing, as he thought it was a new disco hit from Lady Gaga!  Mokei screamed "Harold, the Foamers have us surrounded. Their ten ships are aiming their foaming guns at us now! We are doomed!"

The Supermarket Guy winced "Quick, get me the leader of the Foamers on the screen right now! We need to establish a bluff, and you leave this to me!'

Mokei opened the intergallactic airwaves to the evil Totalitarian Foam Warrior, the leader of the pack. He talked before issuing his order to strike the single vessel from Oblirigon. "You got allot of nuts, coming here alone.. Alone... To take on the might of the whole foamer fleet! So, it is you, Mokei! How did you ever get out of being foamed! Well, no matter. You will be foamed again, and this time we will make sure you will never make it out for a million light years!"

Mokei yawned, pretending to be tired "I have here a human, an intergalactic marvel! Harold Wannapus, maybe you heard of his hero, Morton Mumphy! The man who sold out all of his supermarket stock, just in one day, to our planet, so we could have enough provisions to defeat you and your massive foaming armies!"

The Totalitarian Foam Warrior smirked "So, an earthling is with you! He is called Wannapus! What a goofy name! He will be foamed too, and after we are done with him, we will return to earth and foam the whole planet as well! In his honor, ha ha ha!"

Harold yelled back "Totalitarian, time for you to feel the wrath of Mokei. I have trained him in no less then 1 second on how to defeat you.. But as they say on the planet Obligiron, one second is like many light years of knowledge on your simple planet!"

The ultimate foam warrior hissed "So be it. Your doom will as a result of your brazen talk. Foam them all!"  The screens went black inside Mokeis ship.

Mokei smiled "So, what do we do now, Wannapus?  You are the great intergalactic warrior. Destroy the foamers fleet!"

Harold could see the foam beams just starting to issue out of the foamers ship "All I know is I got allot of earwax in my ears, and I do not want to die not hearing you scream!" He pushed his earwax into a cigarette tray like box, on Mokeis ship. What he did not know, is that it was a molecular expander.

The molecular expander box shuffled into the dash of Mokeis ship. It then shot out a huge shield of ear wax, encompassing the front of the ship, acting like a shield. It defoamed the foam, as wax usually does... All of a sudden, the foaming agents defoamed into a harmless liquid. It could not solidify, and Mokei opened his eyes to see the 10 foaming space ships in front of him.

"Wannapus. You are a true master! You have rendered the space foamers weapons useless. Now, it is my turn" Mokei then fired a magneto bomb at his enemies, which caused all of the ships to collide together.  All of their ships were rendered, useless.

The Totalitarian Foam warrior got on the intercom again "Mokei, you win! Please, do not destroy us!"

Mokei responded "Wannapus has left us with an abundant supply of his miracle puddy. Never come to our universe again, or I will puddy you guys into oblivion!" He then killed the transmission, as he flew back to his planet, where his instructor had one quarter of the planet free from the hardened foam.

Mokei shook Wannapus's hand "That magical goop from your ear. Please, send much of it to us. I will revisit you when it grows, as you have said it will! I cannot thank you enough for saving us! How did you know your magical ears could save the day!"

Harold put his hands on his hips convincingly "Well, all I know is that I did not clean my ears for a good two months or so, and I wanted to hear the Totalitarian Foam warrior cry, if and when I got a hold of him. That is all I know, Mokei.. But now, you are a master Gladiator of the Universe. Just like me. Be proud. Now, send me back to my planet. Jon Acadou is up to something, and wants to take over the world again. I may need to use my ear wax again, to create a statue of myself outside of my main headquarters"

Mokei hugged Harold, "Very well, you have saved the day.. Back to your planet..."

Harold got up in a blanket of hot sweat. His wife got up "Dear, go to bed. Stop moving your torso, in and out, in and out. You will never break that hoola hoop record, dreaming about it all the time!"

The end....


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