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Universe Gladiator- Part 2- (Finding the perfect Gladiator instructor)

Mokie cried, as he could see his planet was solidified to the point of desperation! "Damn those foamers! Do they have any inkling of mercy at all?"  He hugged his intelligence tribal officer, as he pushed him back. He glared at him resoundingly "Give me your carbide tipped egg beater. I will start to remove the hardened mass from our beautiful planet. It may take several ions, but who cares. It has to be done. I have a box of oreos, a strange meal from earth, but it will give me lots of energy to do what I must do. And this pond of semi toxic water, will be alright for me, as we are a tough planetary race! What you must do is go to a planet called earth. You need to talk to a real gladiator, a real universe gladiator, and learn how to fight and defend our planet, once again!"

Mokie reached up to the stars, and screamed "Earth! That dirty, polluted old planet! The humans are so busy playing Super Mario, how will they ever come to my aid! Last time I traveled through their airspace, one of their seagulls crapped on top of my beautiful space ship! I said, never again to go there, by the comet powers of revisitation!"

His professor grabbed him by his two shoulders "You  must go see Harold Wannapus, the ultimate Universe Gladiator. He has battled for his planets survival, nearly two times now, and as hard as it is to believe, he surely won! Go see this man now! He is the only one who really believes that he is an alien from another planet, so you should just fit right in with this megalomaniac!"

Mokei dried up his tears with his super heat gun "So be it! I will fly to meet this Universal Gladiator, I just hope he does not mistake me for one of their pheasants, and blow me out of their dirty, polluted sky!"

Professor dropped an oreo cookie into his shirt "That Oreo has enough energy for several light years, as we do not expend energy like the humans, hardly at all.  Eat it, if you need it.  It is the only food we got left. Good luck on your voyage, Mokei"

Mokei shuffled into his space vessel, which was shaped like a liquid mercury tear drop. In a flash, he was gone.... For a visit to see, the Universal Gladiator. Could this mysterious man, help him?  He would soon find out, as within seconds he would reach the planet earth.

Professor began to beat at the hardened crust of his planet, when all of a sudden he started beating on the head of one of his students. She screamed "Ouch!". He laughed, as he was happy to see one of his students "Massie, I am some glad to see you are ok. Listen, it will only take me a light year to get you out. I am glad I have found one out of the trillion who is on this beautiful planet of ours! This is a good sign!"

To be continued, in another galaxy, or dimension, just a few light years away...


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