Someone asked me the other day, why do you serve the "hot" with the "cold"?

Someone asked me the other day, "Why do you serve the hot with the cold?".  He was referring to my prefaces at the start of my books.

Much like serving up the hot along the cold, or the fries along the ice cream.

Each book has a preface, a sort of serious thought before undertaking the zany voyage. At first, I did question the value of having a preface to my stories.

In Part 1, the preface was just about singing the praises of the supermarket worker. They are incredibly undervalued at times, and perform great work in order for us to get fed. The preface in Part 2, was a little more thinking along the lines of the economy and why we need a certain force. But it leaves the room for a debate. The preface in Part 3 goes much along the lines of Part 3, but reinforces the idea somewhat. It tries to enhance the issue of respectability and tolerance. Freedom and choice is its crux.

And throughout the 3 books, you will see how certain forces of evil are trying to tear apart that crux. By using unfair practices, poisoning preservatives, and ruthless tactics.

Yes, it is all there... In 3 books... What or which may be happening today?  Organics or pesticides. GMO or natural? All questions society must answer, in order to go forward in life.

I could have done without these prefaces. In some matter of thinking, I was thinking of leaving them out. But, in the end, it does leave room for quantitative thought and debate. Why not leave them in? They could have been longer, but in being longer perhaps they would have led to far into the realm of an answer.

Some people may say that I should have written a serious book on the economy. Or on competitive forces. Maybe my serious writing far outdoes my humor writing. To that I say a great thank you, and I will consider it in the near future... That is, if the time permits..

Happy reading.. Till next time..


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