Part 3 has gotten a few reviews thus far.

Part 3 had got 2 reviews thus far lol.  A 5 on 5 star rating, then a 4 on 5 star rating just a day ago.  This is all surprising, as the book is not even released yet for sale ;)

No, it is no wizardry on my part. I think it could be just people that mistakenly could have put up ratings before actually reading the book. In this day an age, you never know... It could be pirated already...

Either from the publishing house losing a file, or from me sending in the file on just regular e mail... Or maybe some genius who hacked into my computer...

But, I am assuming that it is just misplaced typos... Oh well.. The ratings are high, anyways ;)

No time to chase after the wind, eight days to go until scheduled release to E stores..

Till next time...


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