My book is currently advertised on Amazon at 3.03 $

Part 1 of "The Supermarket Guy" is currently listed at 3.03 $

I had to highlight the price, because even I cannot believe it. It is currently being sold at that price at, and I believe it must be due to its ranking being so low.

Currently, my book is at an Amazon rank of 7.4 million, from the top. This tells me that my book is not moving, at all.

This price of 3.03 $ may go up at any time.  Nowhere in my lifetime, did I ever believe that a book selling site would reduce my books price to this value. It is hard to believe, or maybe I am missing something here. It is the paperback version, after all, and the highest rated out of my 2 published books thus far.

I find it hard to believe no one is biting on that price. As I did advertise on Google awhile ago, the ranking and thus sales did not go up. Shipping and handling does cause the price to creep up a little bit, might I add.

This was a book that was actually rated at 100 thousand one time, and at 500 thousand at an earlier time. The strange thing even about the contest that I had entered for Part 3, is that I had many sign ups to read the Part 3, but no one come on board to sign up to check out the Part 1 or Part 2.

This is a truly interesting tidbit of information, on how the third book in the series so far has not helped its siblings to find a little bit of a following.... That is how it has gone so far.

But, if you want a truly highly rated humor book, for 3.03 $, you cannot lose!

Spread the word, and much thanks!  Till next time....


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