Film agents?

Is it just me,  or is it really hard to get a literary agent interested in your work.  I have e mailed several firms, but they are all too busy to respond to my requests for information about the process.  I will not go through the list of firms I had tried, but I truly understand that they are duly busy. They do have a tight schedule to keep, and have mountains and mountains of book requests on their lists to keep them at bay for many of a year. Not an hour.

So I decided to try out film agents, for tv. This is new to me as well, but usually a literary agent firm will have film agents in their organization. That is, if they are big enough. I am currently searching for film agents, and will see how that process goes. I had e mailed one such an organization just a short while ago, but nothing come back as well.

I understand that they too, are busy, and that possibly only a handful of these books do actually make it to the realm of movie magic world. This is a long shot, even longer than getting a literary agent to represent me. Probably a one shot in a few million.

For now, I continue to advertise my books on Google. Well, mostly its giveaway for Part 3. Google has been an interesting format to deal with. I find it has nice forums, and has great capabilities that can make it even compete on a fair keel with that of Twitter or even Facebook.

Once again, what I love about Google is the revolving window thing. I wish they would enhance it, to allow us to see more when we click on a discussion window. I love the revolving discussion window!!!

Also, Google does have a hashtag feature, where it takes the most predominant word in your phrase, and pushes it up in a forum for that specific word.  For example, "The Supermarket Guy", pushes the word Supermarket into a forum that has this hashtag.  But you guys already know about this!  I am such an internet weakling!

Well, besides that I am just playing the waiting game. Waiting for the book to be released... A month and a few days to go... Till next time...


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