Back from the moose hunt.

Ah, the Canadian Moose hunt. Quiet mornings, woodpeckers pecking, and beavers slapping their tails in the lake.

I was with a crew of hunters again. In this team of 5, we had two licenses. The first friend with his first license got his moose the first day. A nice bull that may have weighted 1000 lbs. Then, a cow that may have weighed 750 lbs, was shot by our second hunter with his license in our crew.

I was there to help, and did not take part in any shooting. It seems the moose population is stable so far in our area ( Northern New Brunswick), but there were some hunters who are still trying to get their moose. Tomorrow is their last crack to fill their license.

We were lucky to have an area with little traffic. Allot of traffic makes for a harder moose hunt. What I mean by this, is too many hunters per square mile. In our area, which is top secret, the extra hunters are few and far between.

I had hunted in the past with people where they brought me to highly populated hunter areas. That year we did get a moose, but it was once again, surprising by the amount of hunters in the area. Just lucky the moose was around our pond that time.

And I always believed to get a moose, you had to have a pond. A moose scaffold. And a good call. But, from what I seen from the hunters that I am privileged to go out with, you just need to go check the cuts in the morning.

For some reason or other, a moose will be in or around the edge of the cuts in the morning. A cut is a large swath of forest land cut down, with the undergrowth taking over the area. Small shrub trees, make it easy for a moose to feed on. Thus, this area makes it easier for them to be seen during the moose hunt.

There are many signs to see or to identify if a moose is around the area. Not only its droppings, but any scrapped trees, dug pits, grassy lay down areas (suggest sleeping), or the most common of them all - tracks.

The hunt is over for this chap once again. The N.B. government is thinking about extending the hunt for 2 weeks instead of for 3 days, but will cut down on the amount of licenses issued. It will be interesting to see what they put forth.. Sometimes, it is hard to get a license. Some people apply for 20 or more years before getting one...

Till next time...


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