3 rd revision has been sent to me.

The third revision has been sent to me again. I had looked over the revised corrections, and everything looks up to snuff... So far....

I will reread tonight, and tomorrow, for a third and final check. If I find more errors, they will e mail me back the body text again, and I will have to read it all through once again.

Even though I find my story very entertaining, there is only so much of rereading of your own material time and time again, you can stand. Just that every time I go through it, I could probably still add some humor and material here and there, thereby making the book even more attractive. Perhaps I should have waited another 6 months before releasing it.

I probably read through that text ten or more times now. This is the most grueling process that any author must go through. You must ensure that the product is very good, and unfortunately enough, spell checking does not completely do the job.

With Part 1, I had the same process to go through. I made corrections in the body at the 1st and second passes. Part 2 was the worst. It had two major errors in it just as it was published. I could not believe I had missed those two errors, and had to delay its sales by a few weeks time, in just taking the book off of the shelves for that little bit of time. Yet, that Part 2 version, if anyone by luck has it, the book is antiquarian in nature due to its small mistakes. I am trying to ensure Part 3 does not have to be recalled once published, for anything.

Well, time to go... Start reading this stuff, again... Could be worse, I could be reading the mathematicians journal to derivatives over 10 times..


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