2nd Pass sent back.

2nd pass has been sent back. Two errors that were not corrected,  that I had to resend to get fixed. Then, I made two changes to the text. This definitely makes more humor, just by adding these two little shots of humor instilled in the text.

First, I was worried that a name I had used was actually a real life famous person. Just by coincidence, of course, but I removed it just in case.

Then, I elaborated on a sentence to create a much more deeper effect in one of the paragraphs in the beginning on page 3, when Mr. Acadou talks to another character in the book. It adds a little enlightenment, so to speak.

Besides that, the two errors that were missed by the publishing house happens very rarely, and it is a good thing to go through it again.

When I get the paperback version, I will read it front to cover again. The published version may contain very few errors, but I will recheck to be sure.

I know I read books from traditional houses, where I could see errors in the text as well. Very very few, but it appeared to be an odd one here and there.

Now the book should be headed towards the presses. Less than a month and a few days left to go...

Till next time..


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