10 days ready to print. Ready to order.

They received the last set retail pricing. 15.49 $ for the paperback, 3.99 for the e book.

It will be approximately 10 days before I can order some.. Approximately. I will get 5 free books via the mail, after their process is gone through. It takes 7 to 10 days to receive them. Amazon and Barnes will advertise them after the 10 day rush to be able to print period is over..

By that time, I will order some more books, just to ensure I have allot of copies for my contests and what not...

It will be available via my author ordering page, but for large orders of over 150 books it is done over the phone for efficiency and at a cost reduction.. Not sure if I need to order 150 books... I never did have an authors signing anywhere... I suspect it will be the same, in the future...

Till next time...


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