Visitors over the past 2 days.

My pace has slowed down the the third draft, over the last two days.  I had allot of visitors, which is a good thing. But on the other hand, it does affect my books rate of production.

The third draft, when reading it from a hard printed copy, has revealed to me more errors than I had first thought. I will go through the corrections again on the computer, and try to fix it up this Friday or Saturday. It is strange how I seemingly can see the errors better on printed paper than on a computer screen.

I hate my bad habit of using "as" throughout the text. I found this time around too, that I used too many commas. This is the the first time out of 3 books where I used too many commas. What has gotten into my head, in using too many commas in a work.

I wonder if a writers mind wanders over time. Maybe if you read someones material, and you become magnetized to their style of writing. I did write a book awhile back that had very long sentences, and allot of commas in its paragraphs. Could this have affected my writing style.

I did not get an e mail from the local editor yet, explaining his rate and services provided. I will contact him later this week to see if he still wants to do the work.

Seems like the time is hardly there, for me to get things done as of late. Looking after seniors, working, a newborn baby and visitors, where do I find the time..

Till next time..


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